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Mistress Gaia wanted to strengthen her human pony's back so she did what she had to do by riding his back as hard as possible. She did not care how painful or uncomfortable it was for the human horse. She had it tied and she even whipped it when it did not do things the way she wanted them done. She only stopped when she felt tired and not because of his cries.

Mistress Zora does not like slaves messing with her and when this guy tried, she had to make him learn his lesson. The mistress used her pony play fetish to torture the guy and she made sure it was as painful as she had hoped it would be. By the time she was done with him, he had agreed to all the changes she wanted him to make so as to avoid a repeat punishment.

Mistress Charlotte came home exhausted but her slave pissed her off and she had to punish him. Since she did not have any strength to punish him, she chose to make him carry her around on his shoulders. He was her human horse and she did not care how tired he was. He did it and was exhausted but could not stop as she had not ordered him to stop.

This disobedient loser needed to be punished and these mistresses made sure of it. The mistresses used their weight to torture him. They made sure he carried them all over until he was almost collapsing out of exhaustion. The mistresses told him they did not mind his disobedience as it gave them the chance to do what they wanted to him. He realized he was the loser and he stopped disobeying.

Mistress Gaia did not want her slave to always take advantage of her absence to always do things that he knew were not agreeable to her. When he tried it again today, she caught him as she came earier than expected and she punished him. Besides stripping him naked, she also got him to lick her feet and also to carry her like a human pony. She ended with whipping her.

This slave was lazy and he needed to be punished. The mistresses used their ponyplay femdom to show him the need to be hardworking. He regretted being lazy and promised them that he would do his best to work hard. But the mistress did not stop there. They went ahead and they dominated him to send a message that it would not be business as usual and they had more where that came from.

Mistress Alisha wanted to ride a pony but she did not own one. And she did not want to go look for one because she feared it would need a lot of attention which she could not give. So she chose to turn her slave into a human pony and she rode him instead. The mistress enjoyed doing it in her house and she could ride him any time she felt like.

Mistress Jamie Kate found out that her own slave had conned her and she was pissed. She expected that from someone else but not her slave. And she had to teach him a lesson. Mistress Jamie Kate turned him into a human pony and used pony play femdom to punish him. The slave was in pain as she rode him and whipped him when he became slower than she wanted.

Lady Steffi does not forgive easily and today she did not do it to this loser. He had pissed her and usual, she used her whip to torture him. She also rode him like a human pony and he cried as she tortured him. She ignored his cries of pain and acted as if she did not hear anything from him. She only let him go when she got tired.

Mistress Gaia likes to torture. She is a sadistic mistress who enjoys being a source of pain and misery to others. She enjoyed what she did to this loser and only let him go when she had made him carry her all over on his back. He tried to beg her for mercy but she did not listen to him. She just did her own things and did not bother to hear what he had to say.

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