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Mistress Jessica was not pleased with the things she had seen this guy do and she had to send a message that she did not tolerate those things and she could not stand back and watch. So she rode his back while he was naked to send a message. The pain he felt and the humiliation he went through helped him change. He never messed up again after that punishment.

This guy had sold princess Serena some substandard goods and she wanted her money back. She had to ensure it happened since the guy was refusing to do what he needed to do. The mistress used her whip to turn him into her human pony and after she did so, she rode him until he was in pain and he agreed to give her what she wanted. He wished he had given her the refund earlier.

Goddess Angelica wanted to punish her slave as she felt that she had wronged her. And because she wanted it never to be done again, she rode her friend's back like a human pony because she wanted to humiliate her as well as make her feel pain too. The mistress made her cry and beg to be forgiven before she stopped what she was doing to her as she felt she had learned.

These mistresses had an inconsiderate landlady and they were so fed up with her that they felt they had to teach her a lesson. They were on the brink of being evicted but they did not care. So they cruelly turned her into a human pony and they rode her individually and together. It was humiliating for her but it made her look at them in new light and they came to an amicable solution.

Lady Amy had a lot time on her hands and she did not know what to do with it. She chose to ride her slave like a pony to pass time. She summoned him and she rode him and it was ok for a while. But as time went on, he started to get tired and soon he could not even move. She did not care. She wanted him to continue so she whipped him and forced him to continue.

Lady Lucy was feeling freaky today and being that she was dominant over her boyfriend, she wanted to do something naughty to him. So she teased him and got him in the mood and then got him to agree to be her human pony. The mistress rode him all over the house and she had fun even though she could see he was struggling to carry her after some time.

This mistress wanted to dominate and humiliate her boyfriend publicly. She knew he had been messing with other girls and since she did not have anything to lose as at then, she chose to dominate him by turning him into a human pony. The boyfriend was shocked as he thought she was a timid mistress. But she did not care what he thought and what he felt. She wanted him to carry her all over in public and he did.

Mistress Sonny and her friend Beth wanted to try things they had never tried in a while. They settled on pony play femdom and they enjoyed torturing this loser together. The mistresses forced the loser to carry them on his back and he had to do it. It was not a request but an order, and he was powerless about it. They nearly broke his back as they did it.

When mistress Anna was asked to punish this loser, she did not hesitate to do it. She did it as cruelly as she was able to. She used ponyplay femdom to torture him and she even had a whip which she used to make him go faster or in the case of where he had collapsed out of exhaustion, to get up and continue carrying her. He learned his lesson.

Mistress Michelle and her friend mistress Sandy wanted to show this loser what they do to slaves and losers who are not obedient. He had to be punished and he was tortured cruelly in the stable. He was made to undress and he was forced to ballbusted and made to smear himself with horse shit. It was meant to teach him a lesson and he learned his lesson the hard way.

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