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Lady Scarlet had to tame this guy because he was a con. She was not ok with letting him continue conning people the way he had conned her. That is why she had to punish him. The mistress ensured that the guy was tired and in pain by cruelly riding his back with her friend and nearly breaking it in the process. He cried but they ignored him and whipped him to make him continue.

When mistress Jenny-Nina's husband came home drunk today, she was pissed as she had told him to make sure he came home sober. She did not want him to get addicted to alcohol and so she had to make him stop. The mistress rode his back and she did it until it hurt him and the pain and humiliation broke through the alcohol barrier. He actually sobered up as she did that.

Lady Scarlet was bored out of her freaking mind and she had to look for something else to do to pass time. That is when she realized that she could try pony play femdom. So she lured this guy and made him her human pony and had fun torturing him for fun. He could not do anything about it other than to cry and beg the mistress for mercy but she ignored him.

Lady Scarlet has a thing for ponies but she could not have one due to housing restrictions where she lived. So she resorted to turn her slave into a human pony so that she could enjoy having one even if it was not a real one. She made him strip naked and she whipped him to get him to cooperate with her and do the things she wanted him to do.

Mistress Nica does not like it when anyone tries to mess with her stuff. That is what her ex was doing and she did not take it kindly. She had to show him that she was not the type of person to be taken for granted and that she would not take anything lying down. So she forced him to be her human pony and he had to carry her all over.

Mistress Corinne and her friend Alisha wanted to try pony play but they did not have a pony to try it on. So they had to turn their slave into a human pony and ride him the way they wanted. He had no say in the matter as they enjoyed dominating and degrading him for fun. He endured all the pain and all the humiliation that was thrown his way.

Mistress Jenny wanted her boyfriend to work out and be stronger than he was. She was stronger than him and she did not feel secure when she was with him. She wanted him to go to the gym and work on his stamina but he refused. So she turned him into her human pony and she rode his back until he cried literal tears. And after that, he agreed to go to the gym.

Mistress Alisha felt like riding a pony but she did not want to get out of the house. It, therefore, followed that she had to use a human pony because that was the only one she could ride comfortably in the house. So she turned her slave into a human pony and she rode him all over the house until she felt satisfied with what she had done. Her slave had been as exhausted as he was that day.

Mistress Zora had to get back at this loser for what he had done. She was not going to let him think that it would be business as usual. So she caught him unawares as she made him her human pony and she dominated him cruelly. She laughed at him as he cried at what she was doing to him. The mistress ignored his cries and went on humiliating him.

Mistress Arina is not one to mess with as her new boyfriend came to find out. Te mistress rode her boyfriend when he pissed her off and she did it while he was naked. The mistress rode him for a long time until he could not carry her anymore. The mistress wanted it to be a lesson to him so that he learned to do things the way she wanted.

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