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When this guy tried to have a threesome with mistress Arina and mistress Lina, all he ended up getting was humiliation galore. The mistresses turned the guy into a human pony and they forced him to carry them all over. He was whipped and kicked when he did not follow instructions and when he got tired. He carried them until he collapsed down in exhaustion as he did not have any strength left to carry them.

This mistress was dying to get revenge on this girl who had pulled a fast one on her. She was not going to revenge by pulling a fast one on her as well. Hers was different and was meant to act as a deterrent. She chose to use her pony play femdom to torture her and she did it with dirty boots which had to be licked before she facesat on her human pony and rode it.

Mistress Milana wanted her husband to learn not to mess with her and that is why she chose to ride his back. She turned him into a human pony and she whipped him when he was slow. She laughed at the naked husband and warned him not to continue messing with her if he wanted her to stop punishing him. He learned his lesson the hard way and he never messed up again.

Mistress Charlotte came home exhausted but her slave pissed her off and she had to punish him. Since she did not have any strength to punish him, she chose to make him carry her around on his shoulders. He was her human horse and she did not care how tired he was. He did it and was exhausted but could not stop as she had not ordered him to stop.

Goddess Angelica wanted to punish her slave as she felt that she had wronged her. And because she wanted it never to be done again, she rode her friend's back like a human pony because she wanted to humiliate her as well as make her feel pain too. The mistress made her cry and beg to be forgiven before she stopped what she was doing to her as she felt she had learned.

Lady Sarah was using this human pony as her means of transportation but it was slow. And she felt that the best way to make it faster was to whip it. So she did it despite the fact that her human pony was naked. And it was also cold. But she did not care as she got the results she wanted by the human pony being significantly faster than before.

Mistress Anfisa and her man had an agreement that whoever won the game they were playing had a freehand to do what he or she wanted to the loser. She won the game and she had fun turning her man into a human pony. She enjoyed riding his back all over the house and she even a whip which she used occasionally on him but she used it lightly on him.

Mistress Isabelle had beef with this couple and she had to show them that she was not their regular girl. She wanted them to understand that she would not hesitate to torture them and to punish them if they messed with her. So she turned them into her human ponies and she rode them all over her back yard until she got tired of it and they nearly collapsed from her weight.

Mistress Zora had to get back at this loser for what he had done. She was not going to let him think that it would be business as usual. So she caught him unawares as she made him her human pony and she dominated him cruelly. She laughed at him as he cried at what she was doing to him. The mistress ignored his cries and went on humiliating him.

This slave was not obedient and these mistresses did not want to let him get away with that behavior. He had to be tamed and the mistresses did it by forcing him to carry them on his back and being whipped when he did not do it right. He was in pain and he was humiliated until he swallowed his pride and he begged the mistresses to let him go.

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