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Mistress Dorothy, mistress Ira and mistress Elly wanted to have fun at the expense of this guy. They teased him as they were sexily and naughtily dressed. He fell for their tricks and he thought he would have fun with them but it was not to be. He was forced to be a human pony and had to carry the mistresses on his back everywhere they wanted to go in the house.

This guy had thought that he could easily con and scare these mistresses from doing anything about it but he realized he had messed with the wrong mistresses when they caught him and took him to mistress Lola's house. He was forced to carry them on his back and they did it all together. He was nearly back broken as they did it and not even his cries of pain got them to stop.

Mistress Bea, mistress Amber and mistress Lola wanted to torture this guy and they did in a way he had never experienced before. The mistresses turned him into a human pony and made him feel a lot of pain. It was pain he had never experienced before and he cried to make them feel guilty and stop but they did not. They just watched him cry and continued doing their thing.

These mistresses had beef with this guy and they had to settle it as soon as possible. That is why they chose to turn the guy into a pony slave and dominated him without caring. He was in pain as they did it to him in turns and did not give him any time to take a break. He cried but that did not make them go easy on him.

This pony slave did not know what was about to happen to him. He had pissed mistresses Joss, Meg and Daria and he was about to get the punishment of a lifetime. So they all rode his back and told him to endure it for as long as he could. They did not care how much pain he was in. He had brought it all upon himself and he had to blame himself for the punishment.

Mistresses Bea, Beth and Misty had a rude slave and they wanted to show him what they did to losers like him. He had to realize they were his bosses so they rode him like a human pony. He had to carry the three of them, at the same time, and it was cruel and brutal as he fell down but they whipped him up. They repeated this for a few hours before they felt he had gotten the message they were trying to send.

Mistress Sonny and her friend Beth wanted to try things they had never tried in a while. They settled on pony play femdom and they enjoyed torturing this loser together. The mistresses forced the loser to carry them on his back and he had to do it. It was not a request but an order, and he was powerless about it. They nearly broke his back as they did it.

Mistress Meg and her friend mistress Misty wanted to dominate this guy for fun and they did it. They lured him to their house and since he wanted to have a threesome with them, he went. But the mistresses had other ideas and they dominated him for fun. The mistresses got him to carry them like human ponies. And he had to endure the stress and pain of carrying the two of them at the same time.

Mistress Bambina likes to do naughty things to other people. That is what she did to this new loser. She was with her friend at the time and the two of them joined forces and they rode her like a human pony. The mistresses nearly broke her back as they did so and they had fun at her expense. She had to endure the pain or else they promised to punish him using a worse method.

Mistress Sonny and mistress Bonny are gorgeous girls. They like weird fetishes and today they got this guy who was so desperate for a threesome that he did all the crazy things they asked him to do. He was turned into a human pony and the mistresses rode him all over the house. They rode him together and nearly broke his back as they did so. But his endurance paid off in the end as they were impressed with his stamina and his high pain threshold.

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