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Mistress Lina and her friend mistress Katya were in a good mood and they wanted to have some fun. So the mistresses went ahead and they used this loser as a human pony as they had been dying to try pony play fetish. He was shocked by what they did to him but he was powerless to do anything about it so he just did what they asked him so that it would all end quickly.

Mistress Anfisa was pissed at how inconsiderate her slave was. She did not want such a slave in her house so she used her pony play femdom to dominate him for fun. The mistress told him it was a warning but if he did not heed her warning, he would have himself to blame for what would happen to him. The slave changed to avoid more humiliation from his mistress.

Lady Electra wanted to test her new slave. She wanted to know him well so that she would know what to do and how. She asked him to be her human pony and he agreed. She rode him on his back for hours and he was in a lot of pain but she did not let him go. He tried his best as she choked him. When he could not take it anymore, he collapsed. But she was impressed by how long he had endured.

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