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Mistress Gaia and her friends had a pony play party. They wanted to have a great time with their human ponies for almost the entire night. They wanted it at a time when they were not in a hurry so that they would have the best of it. That is what the mistresses did as they rode and whipped their pony slaves as hard as they could. They had all the fun as the human ponies were in a lot of pain.

Mistresses Bea, Beth and Misty had a rude slave and they wanted to show him what they did to losers like him. He had to realize they were his bosses so they rode him like a human pony. He had to carry the three of them, at the same time, and it was cruel and brutal as he fell down but they whipped him up. They repeated this for a few hours before they felt he had gotten the message they were trying to send.

Mistress Lexa has a new fetish. She is a restless mistress and she does not like to do one thing all the time. So she chose to do pony play femdom for the time being and it was actually more fun than she thought it was going to be. She enjoyed humiliating her slave by riding him and even milking his cock painfully with her dry hands. She also whipped him to get him to go faster.

Mistress Anna wanted to test her slave's endurance. So she rode him like a human pony. She forced him to carry her all over the house and she whipped him when he felt like he could not go on and wanted to collapse on the floor. She pushed him to the limit and she showed him he could do it if he was determined. But the determination was coming from the whip.

Mistress Michelle was tired of her slave being lazy and she knew she had to do something radical to change his ways. She made him carry her around like a pony because she knew he would be tired within a few minutes. She carried a whip and she used it to whip him and force him to continue carrying her even when he was tired and he felt like collapsing.

This mistress wanted this loser to be her human pony. She forced him to carry her and to motivate him, she had a whip ready to punish him. She did not care how painful it was for him. All she wanted was for her to be carried around the house till she got bored of it. The poor guy nearly had him back break as he struggled to carry the heavy mistress.

Mistress Perica and her friend Maya had a noisy neighbor and they wanted him to be sensitive to other people's needs. He was a jerk and only thought about himself. The mistresses invited him to their house but it was not a social call. It was a punishment one. The noisy neighbor was trampled and made to carry both of them like a pony and they nearly broke his back.

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