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Goddess Gabriella and mistress Scarlet had caught this guy doing what he had been forbidden from doing. They did not like it and they had to punish the guy as cruelly as he needed to be punished. They had him remove his shirt and lie on snow. They then had him carry them like a human pony and then they trampled, kicked and whipped him as punishment. It was brutal.

When mistress Gaia and mistress Vivienne found out that two of their members had erred and needed to be punished, they did not delay in doing so. The mistresses made sure that the girls were punished and this was done while they were naked and tied up. They were whipped besides being turned into human ponies. They were also instructed not to make any noise or to cry. They were then let go and warned never to repeat what they had done.

Mistress Gaia was so bitter at the way this slave had betrayed her. She was so angry that she knew she had to do something that had never been done to the slave. She stripped him down and she ballbusted him. She also trampled him and she finally made him her human pony. He was humiliated and he was in pain, which is what she wanted him to feel after betraying her.

Mistress Anfisa likes to change people and she wanted to change this old man today. She did so because she was fed up with how rude he was to everyone in their apartment building. The mistress took one for them team and took up the unenviable task of reforming him. She baited him and he took the bait. She then punished him by riding his back like a human pony for hours. She did so again for a few days until he was afraid of her and did what she asked.

Mistress Gaia is a naughty and cruel person. She felt like having fun at the expense of this loser so she turned him into a human pony. She rode him from the front and she achieved two things at the same time. She got her clit rubbed and she came, and at the same time, she made him feel some pain as she rode his naked body using a horse tack.

Mistress Lexa has a new fetish. She is a restless mistress and she does not like to do one thing all the time. So she chose to do pony play femdom for the time being and it was actually more fun than she thought it was going to be. She enjoyed humiliating her slave by riding him and even milking his cock painfully with her dry hands. She also whipped him to get him to go faster.

Madame Madison came home hungry and found that her slave had not cooked as she had told him prior to leaving the office. She found him watching a movie and she was pissed that his movie was more important than her stomach. She made him lick her boots and she turned him into a human pony. She even whipped him as she rode him and taught him a cruel lesson.

Mistress Anna wanted to test her slave's endurance. So she rode him like a human pony. She forced him to carry her all over the house and she whipped him when he felt like he could not go on and wanted to collapse on the floor. She pushed him to the limit and she showed him he could do it if he was determined. But the determination was coming from the whip.

This mistress wanted this loser to be her human pony. She forced him to carry her and to motivate him, she had a whip ready to punish him. She did not care how painful it was for him. All she wanted was for her to be carried around the house till she got bored of it. The poor guy nearly had him back break as he struggled to carry the heavy mistress.

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