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Mistress Betty is a no-nonsense person. She does not like to argue with a slave or a loser, especially when she knows she is right. She took this loser to the stable and she forced him to undress before she dominated him by making eat from a bucket that the horses feed on. She also made him roll in the dirty surface before she poured some cold water on him.

Lady Alshari likes to ride things. Today she wanted to ride a pony but sadly she did not have one. She had to settle for a human one. So she took this loser to the woods and she had fun riding him there. She wanted where she could do it without anyone watching or without anyone coming to his aid when he screamed. She also wanted an environment that would scare the shit out of him.

Lady Steffi does not forgive easily and today she did not do it to this loser. He had pissed her and usual, she used her whip to torture him. She also rode him like a human pony and he cried as she tortured him. She ignored his cries of pain and acted as if she did not hear anything from him. She only let him go when she got tired.

Mistress Gaia likes to torture. She is a sadistic mistress who enjoys being a source of pain and misery to others. She enjoyed what she did to this loser and only let him go when she had made him carry her all over on his back. He tried to beg her for mercy but she did not listen to him. She just did her own things and did not bother to hear what he had to say.

This mistress is not the kind of person you want to mess with. She is someone who will turn on you at any second and punish you cruelly. She made this guy carry her all over the woods and she made him her human pony. She did not care when he got tired. She whipped him when he slowed down and that made him try again despite the fact that it was getting more painful and harder to carry her.

Lady Amy was infuriated to learn that this loser had been spying on her. She was angry and she punished him for doing it. She did not want anyone invading her privacy the way she did so she humiliated him cruelly. She turned him into her human pony and enjoyed riding him cruelly. She made sure he did it for hours till he could not move even an inch out of exhaustion.

Mistress Amber knows how to get her way. She knows the best way to punish her slave in order to get results. Today she turned her slave into a human pony and she rode him all over the house. She did not care even when he got tired. She went on riding him and she even whipped him when he got tired. She was cruel to him but she got what she wanted.

Mistress Hailey was not pleased to learn that her slave had been stealing from her. She did not want someone who stole from her and she had to punish him before sending him away. She could not even wait to rehabilitate him. She rode hi like a pony and she broke his back with her weight and whipped him on top of that before she chased him from her house.

Mistress Milana caught her sleeping instead of doing the work she had given him and she was mad at him. She used a whip to ride his back like a pony. She did it for hours on end and she knew his back was breaking but she pushed him hard and she made him learn a lesson. She wanted him to know that she would not tolerate any nonsense from him.

Mistress Perica and her friend Maya had a noisy neighbor and they wanted him to be sensitive to other people's needs. He was a jerk and only thought about himself. The mistresses invited him to their house but it was not a social call. It was a punishment one. The noisy neighbor was trampled and made to carry both of them like a pony and they nearly broke his back.

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