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Mistress Hanna and lady Morgana felt this slave needed to be punished outdoors for a change. So they took him to a place with bushes and they made him their human pony. He had to carry them around and they did not care how painful it was as his knees stepped on all kinds of things as he carried them. They did not care because they were teaching him a lesson.

Mistress Lana and her friend mistress Joanne wanted to make their slave to be hardworking. He was lazy and that was a trait they were not going to tolerate. So they dominated him as cruelly as they could and enjoyed watching him struggle to do the tasks he was given. The pain and humiliation he felt made him become hardworking so that he would not be punished by the mistresses again.

Lady Amy was infuriated to learn that this loser had been spying on her. She was angry and she punished him for doing it. She did not want anyone invading her privacy the way she did so she humiliated him cruelly. She turned him into her human pony and enjoyed riding him cruelly. She made sure he did it for hours till he could not move even an inch out of exhaustion.

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