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Mistress Gaia knew that this guy had all the information she wanted. So she turned him into a human pony and she tortured him to get all the information she could out of him. She knew how cruel the punishment and torture was and it did not take long for her to feel pain as well as to do what she wanted. He gave her all the information she wanted.

Mistress Gaia hosted her friends to a pony femdom party. She had asked them to try it but they did not know how so she showed them how at the party where she had a few human ponies for them to ride. They all loved the idea and they rode the human ponies all night long as they drank and made merry. It was the longest night of the human ponies' lives.

Mistress Gaia had a weak slave and she rode him like a human pony to make him strong. He was naked as she did this and it was even more painful. He did it for a couple of minutes and he collapsed in exhaustion. She did not let him off the hook. She whipped him so that he would carry her for a few more minutes and then repeated it daily to make him strong.

Mistress Gaia caught her slave wearing her clothes and she was pissed. She felt she had to teach him a lesson so that he did not wear her clothes ever again. He was allowed to wear whatever he wanted but it had to be his and not hers. She stripped him naked and then took him to her torture chambers where she rode him like her human pony. He felt pain and he was degraded but he learned his lesson.

Mistress Gaia is a naughty and cruel person. She felt like having fun at the expense of this loser so she turned him into a human pony. She rode him from the front and she achieved two things at the same time. She got her clit rubbed and she came, and at the same time, she made him feel some pain as she rode his naked body using a horse tack.

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