Mistress Gaia is a naughty and cruel person. She felt like having fun at the expense of this loser so she turned him into a human pony. She rode him from the front and she achieved two things at the same time. She got her clit rubbed and she came, and at the same time, she made him feel some pain as she rode his naked body using a horse tack.

Mistress Lera loves horses but she cannot afford one. That did not dampen her desire to own one. She chose a shortcut to own by getting a human pony. She had a great time with her human pony and enjoyed dominating him. The mistress rode him all over and she even whipped him to make him go faster. She whipped him while he was naked and she did not care about the pain she inflicted.

Mistress Betty is a no-nonsense person. She does not like to argue with a slave or a loser, especially when she knows she is right. She took this loser to the stable and she forced him to undress before she dominated him by making eat from a bucket that the horses feed on. She also made him roll in the dirty surface before she poured some cold water on him.

Mistress Bambina likes to do naughty things to other people. That is what she did to this new loser. She was with her friend at the time and the two of them joined forces and they rode her like a human pony. The mistresses nearly broke her back as they did so and they had fun at her expense. She had to endure the pain or else they promised to punish him using a worse method.

To make sure this loser did what she wanted, this mistress took a whip. She was riding him like a human pony and she did it for a while till he got tired. But she did not care that he was tired. He nearly fell down but she whipped him and she got him to go again. Whenever she saw he was tired, she whipped him to get him to continue carrying her. She did this till he collapsed.

This mistress learned that not punishing a slave was setting him up to disappoint her so she humiliated him with advice and instructions from her friend. The two mistresses turned the slave into a human pony. He was humiliated and made to endure a lot of pain. He tried to plead for mercy but none of the mistresses paid attention to him. He was then trampled before they were done with him.

When mistress Rostova found that her slave had broken her television, she knew she had to punish him. She used him as her source of entertainment for a month. She rode his back as her human pony and did many other cruel things to him. She did not pay him either for his services and instead all that money was used to buy a new television. He was more careful next time.

This mistress took her human ponies to her riding hall to train them. She wanted them to learn to do things her way so she tortured them for fun as she got them to train. She used the help of her friend who also had a fetish for human ponies. The mistresses degraded the guys and made them fear them so much that they always did what the mistresses asked.

Lady Electra wanted to test her new slave. She wanted to know him well so that she would know what to do and how. She asked him to be her human pony and he agreed. She rode him on his back for hours and he was in a lot of pain but she did not let him go. He tried his best as she choked him. When he could not take it anymore, he collapsed. But she was impressed by how long he had endured.

This mistress realized that her boyfriend was not serious about doing what they had agreed. She kept quiet and he failed to do it. She asked him why and he had no explanation. She humiliated him by riding him like a human pony. She enjoyed humiliating him and he begged her for forgiveness but she ignored him. She warned him never to do what he had done if he did not want problems with her.

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