Mistress Amazon likes to ride slaves and losers for her own enjoyment. She likes to lie to them that it will be fun for both of them but she knows it is only for her. That is what she did to these loser today. She promised fun but she delivered pain. She had the loser carry her like a human pony and she forced her to endure it and not cry.

Madame Marissa went with her slave to the woods to punish him there. She had him carry her on his shoulder and she also had him carry her on his back. She tortured him painfully and had fun at his expense. She had fun making him do all the nasty things she wanted him to do then she left him in the forest and ordered him to walk back home.

Mistress Isabella wanted to try a new way of slave punishment and she settled on pony play femdom. She had heard it was effective and she gave it a try. She liked it because it was a lot of fun for her. She would ride her slave and whipped him when he slowed down. The mistress enjoyed it so much that she did it regularly whenever her slave messed up.

Lady Steffi found out that her new slave was not up to the task. She did not know where to begin but she was sure she had to punish him so that he would have the incentive to work harder and to do things her way. She rode him like a pony and she cruelly tortured him by whipping him when he got tired. He had a change of mindset and worked his ass off not to disappoint her.

Lady Steffi caught this guy doing wrong things in her house and she crushed him painfully. She cruelly tortured him to make sure he would never do the same mistake again. She whipped him while she rode him like a pony. She spent the better part of the afternoon riding him like a pony and she broke his back. He was in pain and not even her whips could make him to get up.

Mistress Gaia does not forgive easily. When she is mad, she has to do something to teach the offending party a lesson. That way, she does not get offended by the same person twice. That is what she did today. She forced him to lie down and she rode him like a human pony. She rode him for hours and she enjoyed how he cried and begged her to forgive him.

Mistress Anna wanted to test her slave's endurance. So she rode him like a human pony. She forced him to carry her all over the house and she whipped him when he felt like he could not go on and wanted to collapse on the floor. She pushed him to the limit and she showed him he could do it if he was determined. But the determination was coming from the whip.

Mistress Milana caught her sleeping instead of doing the work she had given him and she was mad at him. She used a whip to ride his back like a pony. She did it for hours on end and she knew his back was breaking but she pushed him hard and she made him learn a lesson. She wanted him to know that she would not tolerate any nonsense from him.

Mistress Michelle was tired of her slave being lazy and she knew she had to do something radical to change his ways. She made him carry her around like a pony because she knew he would be tired within a few minutes. She carried a whip and she used it to whip him and force him to continue carrying her even when he was tired and he felt like collapsing.

This mistress wanted this loser to be her human pony. She forced him to carry her and to motivate him, she had a whip ready to punish him. She did not care how painful it was for him. All she wanted was for her to be carried around the house till she got bored of it. The poor guy nearly had him back break as he struggled to carry the heavy mistress.

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