This mistress is great in bed and her boyfriend knows it. Since he is always in the mood to fuck her, she likes to take advantage of that to have fun at her boyfriend's expense. She makes him do crazy things for her pussy and today she made him her human pony. She had fun riding him while he was naked. She rode him all around the house before she fucked him.

Mistress Michelle is an adventurous person. She caught this guy intruding on her property and she punished him. She was bored and he had given her something to do. She made him lick the soles of her boots before she tied him and she rode him like a human pony. She did nasty things to him till she got tired and then sent him away. She warned him never to do it again.

Mistress Amber knows how to get her way. She knows the best way to punish her slave in order to get results. Today she turned her slave into a human pony and she rode him all over the house. She did not care even when he got tired. She went on riding him and she even whipped him when he got tired. She was cruel to him but she got what she wanted.

Madame Madison came home hungry and found that her slave had not cooked as she had told him prior to leaving the office. She found him watching a movie and she was pissed that his movie was more important than her stomach. She made him lick her boots and she turned him into a human pony. She even whipped him as she rode him and taught him a cruel lesson.

Lady Alshari likes to wear seductively. She is always humiliating guys with her hot moves and her flirting skills but today she wanted to test her skills on a girl. So she flirted with this girl and being as hot as she is, she attracted a couple of them and she got them to carry her like a human pony. She enjoyed humiliating them while pretending to be doing something naughty.

This mistress and her friend had a bet. Whoever won it would ride the other like a pony. This mistress won and her friend had no choice but to carry her. She carried her like a human pony and the mistress rode her all over. She was tired but she could not stop as she had to fulfill the terms and conditions of the bet. When she finally stopped carrying her, she felt like dying.

This mistress went to the woods with this guy. She wanted him to carry her all through so she removed her bra. She knew he could not see her but the thought of him carrying her bra less gave him the strength to continue walking. She also rode him like a pony and she continued saying and doing naughty things to make him forget how tired he was and how heavy she was.

Mistress Hailey was not pleased to learn that her slave had been stealing from her. She did not want someone who stole from her and she had to punish him before sending him away. She could not even wait to rehabilitate him. She rode hi like a pony and she broke his back with her weight and whipped him on top of that before she chased him from her house.

Mistress Amazon likes to ride slaves and losers for her own enjoyment. She likes to lie to them that it will be fun for both of them but she knows it is only for her. That is what she did to these loser today. She promised fun but she delivered pain. She had the loser carry her like a human pony and she forced her to endure it and not cry.

Madame Marissa went with her slave to the woods to punish him there. She had him carry her on his shoulder and she also had him carry her on his back. She tortured him painfully and had fun at his expense. She had fun making him do all the nasty things she wanted him to do then she left him in the forest and ordered him to walk back home.

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