Mistress Natalia and mistress Milana had all the time to get a confession from this loser. The mistresses told him so but he thought they were bluffing. They humiliated him lightly and he thought he could endure it all and still keep quiet. But the mistress soon got to pony play femdom and they rode his back until he cried. They then made him lick their asses as well as their assholes.

Lady Dalin is a naughty girl and she loves to do crazy things for fun. Today she wanted to try pony play femdom and she did it after she had lured this gullible guy and gotten him to think that she was interested in having fun with him but what she really wanted was to have fun at his expense and to humiliate as well as dominate him. She used pony play femdom to dominate him while he thought they were having fun.

This slave likes to take shortcuts on anything and everything he does. That is why today the mistress chose to teach him a lesson in a way he had never been taught before. The mistress chose to use her pony play fetish and she had a great time torturing him all around the house. It was a lot of fun for her but more importantly, it helped her achieve what she wanted.

Mistress Alisha was shocked when her slave asked her to turn him into a human pony and ride him. He only had one condition that he should wear a bra and underwear while riding her and she agreed. The two of them had a great time as he felt her hot body on his back and she got to ride him all over the house. They agreed to do it again.

Mistresses Bea, Beth and Misty had a rude slave and they wanted to show him what they did to losers like him. He had to realize they were his bosses so they rode him like a human pony. He had to carry the three of them, at the same time, and it was cruel and brutal as he fell down but they whipped him up. They repeated this for a few hours before they felt he had gotten the message they were trying to send.

Mistress Gaia had a weak slave and she rode him like a human pony to make him strong. He was naked as she did this and it was even more painful. He did it for a couple of minutes and he collapsed in exhaustion. She did not let him off the hook. She whipped him so that he would carry her for a few more minutes and then repeated it daily to make him strong.

Lady Lucy was feeling freaky today and being that she was dominant over her boyfriend, she wanted to do something naughty to him. So she teased him and got him in the mood and then got him to agree to be her human pony. The mistress rode him all over the house and she had fun even though she could see he was struggling to carry her after some time.

Mistress Lana is a cruel person and she prides in her cruelty. She likes to do crazy and naughty things to guys and that is what she taught her friend to do today. The mistress made her friend watch as she turned her slave into a human pony. Then she let her friend have a go at her slave and they had a great time at the expense of the slave.

Mistress Celine was pissed to find out that this loser was not interested in doing the things they had agreed about. She did not like that and so she punished him. And she did it as cruelly as she could. The mistress did this by turning him into her human pony and riding him all over the house and she did it for hours until he collapsed down in exhaustion.

Mistress Anfisa was pissed at how inconsiderate her slave was. She did not want such a slave in her house so she used her pony play femdom to dominate him for fun. The mistress told him it was a warning but if he did not heed her warning, he would have himself to blame for what would happen to him. The slave changed to avoid more humiliation from his mistress.

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