Mistress Arina is not one to mess with as her new boyfriend came to find out. Te mistress rode her boyfriend when he pissed her off and she did it while he was naked. The mistress rode him for a long time until he could not carry her anymore. The mistress wanted it to be a lesson to him so that he learned to do things the way she wanted.

Mistress Gaia's friend did not enjoy pony play the way she did herself. She was always asking a lot of questions and today mistress Gaia felt that he needed to check it out for herself and decide whether she wanted to do it or not. So she got herself a human pony and she gave her friend to try riding him. And her friend loved it so much that she went and did it on her own.

Mistress Nica caught this guy trying to steal from her. The mistress had to teach him a lesson no one had ever taught him before. She did this by turning him into a human horse and riding his back until he collapsed on the ground. She also whipped him to show him never to mess with her again. He never tried to steal from anyone after that punishment he got.

Mistress Alisha wanted to ride a pony but she did not own one. And she did not want to go look for one because she feared it would need a lot of attention which she could not give. So she chose to turn her slave into a human pony and she rode him instead. The mistress enjoyed doing it in her house and she could ride him any time she felt like.

Princess Sue wanted to try something new but her boyfriend was uptight and he was not very receptive to new ideas. She was not going to let him continue being like that so she waited until he was horny and she gave that as a precondition to them having sex. After a few days of refusing, he finally accepted and she rode him as a human pony. It was painful and a little humiliating but it was also a slight turn on for him.

Lady Amy had a lot time on her hands and she did not know what to do with it. She chose to ride her slave like a pony to pass time. She summoned him and she rode him and it was ok for a while. But as time went on, he started to get tired and soon he could not even move. She did not care. She wanted him to continue so she whipped him and forced him to continue.

This slave was not obedient and these mistresses did not want to let him get away with that behavior. He had to be tamed and the mistresses did it by forcing him to carry them on his back and being whipped when he did not do it right. He was in pain and he was humiliated until he swallowed his pride and he begged the mistresses to let him go.

This guy had been forgiven many times but he did not seem to learn his lesson. Mistress Gaia and her friend did not want him to continue making mistakes knowing that he would not be punished. So she surprised him with a cruel punishment. The mistresses turned him into a human pony and they rode his back until he collapsed. He was made to regret what had happened and learned his lesson the hard way.

Mistress Ronja and her friend lady Lucy wanted this guy to know that they were not going to allow any failure. So before they sent him out for the top secret mission they had for him, he had to be humiliated and tortured a little bit so that the mistresses would be sure that he would not mess up. He was turned into a human pony and humiliated before they let him go.

Mistress Anfisa wanted to try something new. She settled on pony play and that is what she used to have fun. The mistress enjoyed how she was able to ride this loser like a human horse. She had paid him for whatever she was doing to him so she did not care how he felt. He was getting her money and he had to work for it as she wanted value for her money.

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