These mistresses had an inconsiderate landlady and they were so fed up with her that they felt they had to teach her a lesson. They were on the brink of being evicted but they did not care. So they cruelly turned her into a human pony and they rode her individually and together. It was humiliating for her but it made her look at them in new light and they came to an amicable solution.

When mistress Gaia and mistress Vivienne found out that two of their members had erred and needed to be punished, they did not delay in doing so. The mistresses made sure that the girls were punished and this was done while they were naked and tied up. They were whipped besides being turned into human ponies. They were also instructed not to make any noise or to cry. They were then let go and warned never to repeat what they had done.

Mistress Anfisa and her husband were playing a game and they had agreed that the winner would ride the loser like a human pony. None of them wanted to lose so the game went on for hours but finally she won. And she had a great time turning her husband into a human pony and riding him all over the house. He looked forward to winning the next round so that he could make her do the same.

Mistress Kitty was so pissed at what her boyfriend had done that she chose to double punish him. She turned him into a human pony and she also ballbusted him. She did it so that he would feel both humiliated and pained. And as he carried her on his back, his balls were being crushed and squeezed and it was the worst experience he had ever had in his life.

This disobedient loser needed to be punished and these mistresses made sure of it. The mistresses used their weight to torture him. They made sure he carried them all over until he was almost collapsing out of exhaustion. The mistresses told him they did not mind his disobedience as it gave them the chance to do what they wanted to him. He realized he was the loser and he stopped disobeying.

Mistress Nica does not like it when anyone tries to mess with her stuff. That is what her ex was doing and she did not take it kindly. She had to show him that she was not the type of person to be taken for granted and that she would not take anything lying down. So she forced him to be her human pony and he had to carry her all over.

Mistress Anfisa has a hot ass and many guys find it hard to resist it. She knew that and she used it as bait to lure this loser for pony play. He thought it was a naughty thing they were doing together but he was shocked when it turned out to be that she was having fun at his expense. And he could not do anything about it except to do what she wanted.

Mistress Gaia was so bitter at the way this slave had betrayed her. She was so angry that she knew she had to do something that had never been done to the slave. She stripped him down and she ballbusted him. She also trampled him and she finally made him her human pony. He was humiliated and he was in pain, which is what she wanted him to feel after betraying her.

Mistress Lina and mistress Katya were interested in riding a pony but they did not have one. They did not want to go out looking for ponies so they turned their poor performing employee into a pony. He was asked to carry them on his back n turns and when he refused, they stripped him naked and slapped his ass and his balls. The pain he felt made him agree.

Mistress Anfisa and her man had an agreement that whoever won the game they were playing had a freehand to do what he or she wanted to the loser. She won the game and she had fun turning her man into a human pony. She enjoyed riding his back all over the house and she even a whip which she used occasionally on him but she used it lightly on him.

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