This guy had been forgiven many times but he did not seem to learn his lesson. Mistress Gaia and her friend did not want him to continue making mistakes knowing that he would not be punished. So she surprised him with a cruel punishment. The mistresses turned him into a human pony and they rode his back until he collapsed. He was made to regret what had happened and learned his lesson the hard way.

Mistress Ronja and her friend lady Lucy wanted this guy to know that they were not going to allow any failure. So before they sent him out for the top secret mission they had for him, he had to be humiliated and tortured a little bit so that the mistresses would be sure that he would not mess up. He was turned into a human pony and humiliated before they let him go.

Mistress Anfisa wanted to try something new. She settled on pony play and that is what she used to have fun. The mistress enjoyed how she was able to ride this loser like a human horse. She had paid him for whatever she was doing to him so she did not care how he felt. He was getting her money and he had to work for it as she wanted value for her money.

Mistress Maria did not want to let this guy go without any punishment. He had to learn a lesson and it was taught to him in the most cruel way possible. He was made to strip naked and the mistress rode him. Whenever he slowed down, he was whipped and caned until he got back up again and he carried her to wherever she wanted or however long she wanted.

Mistress Gaia and her friends had a pony play party. They wanted to have a great time with their human ponies for almost the entire night. They wanted it at a time when they were not in a hurry so that they would have the best of it. That is what the mistresses did as they rode and whipped their pony slaves as hard as they could. They had all the fun as the human ponies were in a lot of pain.

Mistress Alice loves to use pain to get what she wants. This loser did not know that and he ended up messing with her. He immediately regretted it as she went ahead and she turned him into a pony. He was in pain as she rode him and she made him cry as her weight became too much for him. But she did not stop until he collapsed on the ground.

Mistress Roxana did not like how rude her slave was. She had to nip that behavior in the bud and she did it using her pony play femdom. The mistress went ahead to ride her all over the house and she made sure the girl was in a lot of pain. The mistress did not go easy on her so that she would learn never to be rude to her.

Mistress Hanna and lady Morgana felt this slave needed to be punished outdoors for a change. So they took him to a place with bushes and they made him their human pony. He had to carry them around and they did not care how painful it was as his knees stepped on all kinds of things as he carried them. They did not care because they were teaching him a lesson.

Mistress Lana and her friend mistress Joanne wanted to make their slave to be hardworking. He was lazy and that was a trait they were not going to tolerate. So they dominated him as cruelly as they could and enjoyed watching him struggle to do the tasks he was given. The pain and humiliation he felt made him become hardworking so that he would not be punished by the mistresses again.

Mistress Gaia knew that this guy had all the information she wanted. So she turned him into a human pony and she tortured him to get all the information she could out of him. She knew how cruel the punishment and torture was and it did not take long for her to feel pain as well as to do what she wanted. He gave her all the information she wanted.

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