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Mistress Anfisa likes to change people and she wanted to change this old man today. She did so because she was fed up with how rude he was to everyone in their apartment building. The mistress took one for them team and took up the unenviable task of reforming him. She baited him and he took the bait. She then punished him by riding his back like a human pony for hours. She did so again for a few days until he was afraid of her and did what she asked.

Goddess Allie felt that she had a weak slave and that did not sit well with her. She had to do her best to make him strong and she felt pony play femdom was the best way to go about it. It would help him develop strength and endurance and it was fun for her. So the mistress rode him every evening around the house for a few hours and they saw results after a few days.

Mistress Gaia hosted her friends to a pony femdom party. She had asked them to try it but they did not know how so she showed them how at the party where she had a few human ponies for them to ride. They all loved the idea and they rode the human ponies all night long as they drank and made merry. It was the longest night of the human ponies' lives.

Lady Dalin is a naughty girl and she loves to do crazy things for fun. Today she wanted to try pony play femdom and she did it after she had lured this gullible guy and gotten him to think that she was interested in having fun with him but what she really wanted was to have fun at his expense and to humiliate as well as dominate him. She used pony play femdom to dominate him while he thought they were having fun.

Mistress Alisha was shocked when her slave asked her to turn him into a human pony and ride him. He only had one condition that he should wear a bra and underwear while riding her and she agreed. The two of them had a great time as he felt her hot body on his back and she got to ride him all over the house. They agreed to do it again.

Mistresses Bea, Beth and Misty had a rude slave and they wanted to show him what they did to losers like him. He had to realize they were his bosses so they rode him like a human pony. He had to carry the three of them, at the same time, and it was cruel and brutal as he fell down but they whipped him up. They repeated this for a few hours before they felt he had gotten the message they were trying to send.

Lady Lucy was feeling freaky today and being that she was dominant over her boyfriend, she wanted to do something naughty to him. So she teased him and got him in the mood and then got him to agree to be her human pony. The mistress rode him all over the house and she had fun even though she could see he was struggling to carry her after some time.

Lady Sandy caught this loser plotting against her and she had to teach them a lesson. She chose to turn him into a pony and she dominated him cruelly. She made him lick both her boots and her bare feet. She then forced him to carry her for hours and he cried as he begged her to forgive him. She did not do it and instead, went ahead to humiliate him.

When punishing a slave, this mistress does not like to keep repeating a particular punishment. She scratched her head and tried to come up with a new way to punish this loser. She settled on pony play femdom. She rode her slave after she had turned him into a human pony. He carried her all over the house and for a long time till his back could no longer support her.

Mistress Gaia caught her slave wearing her clothes and she was pissed. She felt she had to teach him a lesson so that he did not wear her clothes ever again. He was allowed to wear whatever he wanted but it had to be his and not hers. She stripped him naked and then took him to her torture chambers where she rode him like her human pony. He felt pain and he was degraded but he learned his lesson.

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